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Reynolds Squirrel Dog and Hunts

The finiest things of life are free

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NKC Super GR. SQ. CH. Reynolds' Rondo & Earl Reynolds Champion win AM Hunt


Smith's Suzy and Braxton/Jeff Smith

Smith's Suzy made SQ. CH. With Her Win!

Congratulations Braxton/Jeff Smith!!!

Thank You Jeff for your help @ the Hunt!

Congratulations to Mr.Wallace Jolly the winner of training Collar raffled to raise

money for NKC KY.ST. Youth Hunt. Donated By: NKC and

Dale Morgan

Rondo & Earl with Champion Win AM Hunt Plaque

Rondo is now NKC Super Grand SQ. Champion

Comb's Buster & Hurley Combs wins TR. CH.

Buster got 105 barks on Tree 

Congratulations to My Husband and his Young Dog Rondo

They have did GREAT together as Rondo likes one win being Grand Champion in Hunt 

Rondo is now NKC Super Grand SQ. Champion

David Hall Jr. & Hall's Blue Bell won Best Female of Show

Congratulations David, Glad you came out to our Hunt

Cedarwoods Cloud & Chad Wagoner 3rd. Place in Tree Contest

Cloud Had 93 Barks and did a great job!


Sports Bred Super Sports & Mitchell Henderson won GR. CH. of Hunt AM

Congratulations Mitchell!

Bear's Bumble Bee & Ethan/Greg Hubbard won Best of Class

Ethan has been coming since our Youth Hunt and can't wait until the next event!

Thanks goes out to Dad (Greg) for spending the day and time with Ethan!!

Jag's Super Sport and Jewel Harville won Cur Pup Class

Jewel is a Great supporter of our Club and He is going

to join the boys in the woods next season..

Parker's Creek Tom & Keith Bowling

This dog is owned By: Denny McCowan and Denny has been

attending some of our Hunts, He will be going into the woods next season also!

Jag's Razor & Jewel Harville this young dog has another win on the bench!

Jewel and David Smith Having Fun on the Bench.

David Hall Jr. and Hall's Blue Bell from the Big Orange Vols. State proudly

Blue Bell displays her win plaque! Thanks for joining us David!


Jacob Bowling and Jake's Shade of Chocolate Gr. Ch. Win on the Bench

Congratulations Jacob!! Great Job and Thanks for your return!!!

Denny McCowan & Jacob Bowling watching Tree Contest

discussing the high prices of puppy chow!

Cedarwood Cloud going to tree, He is showing excitement!!

David Hall JR. and Hall's Little MT. Jake wins Tree Contest

with 109 Barks. Congratulations!!

Dehart's Skunk and Wallace Jolly

Skunk got 2nd on tree Contest 108 barks

Owned by Eddie Dehart

Chase Young and Young's Atomic Flash wins PM Hunt

And this makes Atomic Flash a Sq. Ch. from Big Orange Vols State

Thanks for coming and joining us Chase looking forward to seeing you

and David Hall this fall..Congratulations!

David Hall Jr. and Hall's Little Mt. Jake got 2nd. in PM Hunt

Congratulations !

High Dollar Lady and Lunsford/Smith

Champion in PM Hunt


Well's Hickory Nut Hank and Jimmy K Wells

Grand Champion PM Hunt

Hank bought his own Trophy back from the Hunt!

Congratulations Jimmy this young dog has made

much accomplishments!!!


Hurley Combs and Keith Bowling presents Judy Reynolds with a Appreciation Award

Thank You South Eastern Ky Cur and Feist members for the much apreciated award! Judy


This was the last hunt of the season for NKC Southeastern Ky. Cur and Feist. We had a Great turnout with

a beautiful day. We want to say "Thank You" to all that came to our hunts and certainly hope to see you in the

fall. It has been a wonderful year with alot of new members and lots of new hunters, with new friends made every 

year. We are looking forward to next hunting season as we keep adding new faces and families.

NKC State Youth Hunt

was a huge success and we want to encourage everyone to take a youth with you and teach them the safety

of a hunting and enjoy the outdoors.