Reynolds Squirrel Dog

The Finest Things of Life Are Free

3rd.= Harris's Thunder Buzz Owner & Owner/Handler Jason Harris with Wes Harrod

Best Male Overall/Best Mtn.Feist Male/ Trimble's Hank & Owner/Handler Todd Trimble 

Donated By Kevin Rainwater of B&K Hunting Supplies 606 305 1905  /Won by Shane Dillion

Best Mtn. Feist Puppy/Wildcat Mtn. Roxy/Owner Charles Tankersly and family

Pearl Spurlock presented with award for always having a smile, setting example of how to enjoy your day. 

Best Overall In Show Reynolds' Jo Jo Owner Earl Reynolds/Handler Isabella Bray with Todd Trimble and Judy Reynolds

​Best Junior Mtn.Feist Male = Casper and Owner/Handler Mike Bertrand

South Eastern Ky Cur & Feist along with the MFA co-hosted and sponsored the 2nd Annual 2016 Feist Days in London Ky on Oct 22 2016. It was a huge success Thank You to all who attended, worked in making this event possible without you it could not happen. Special Thank You to UKC for making this event happen. Their support has made Feist Days a annual event that is growing in numbers at South Eastern Ky Cur & Feist. 

5th. = Spurlock's Bonnie Owner/Handler Pearl Spurlock with son Preston​

​8th.=Black Majic Checkers & Owner/Handler Jon Sutton

Thank You The Pride and Rob Burke!

10th. = Parman's Gypsy Girl & Owner/Handler Kenny Parman

7th. J's Molly Black and Owner/Handler Jay Sobzcak

Wendell Pulley Registered First Mountian Feist Dog at 2016 Feist Days

Landon Hinkle-UKC Cystal Lear- Wendell- Earl Reynolds

Earl Reynolds & Rob Burke/Pride Dog Food Representative 

Pride and Rob is Our Dog Food Sponsor

Earl Reynolds & Chad Wagoner Displaying Garmin Banner. Thank You Garmin

Best Treeing Feist Male Breed/​Wildcat Mtn. Bull/Owner/Handler Robert Ray with Charles Tankersly

4th. Parker's Timbering Twister - Owner Bill Parker​/Handler Keith Goodrich

Best Treeing Feist Female = Bo's Easy Breeze Ky Taz/Owner/Handler/Chester Willboughby

Best Treeing Feist Female = Johnson's Lil Sadie Mae/Owner/Handler Mike Johnson

Best Junior Mtn. Feist Female/Caplinger's Ruby Sue/Owner/Handler Dustin Caplinger

​2nd. Muck's Mountian Cool Whip-Owner/Handler Eddie O'Dell

Krystal Lear UKC Representative, Welcome to Feist Days Krystal.

1st. ​Peeples Crackers Owner Keith Peeples /Handler Mark Winfree 

​Crackers was MFA King of Hunt 

6th. Drake's Creek Dexter Owner/Handler James Byrum with Eddie O'Dell

9th. = ​May's Rusty Nail Owner William David May Jr. Handler Rayburn May