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​Youth Hunters of March 2016 NKC Ky State Youth Hunt

Slide Show for the Youth Hunt March 2016

South Eastern Ky Cur & Feist hosted and sponsored the NKC KY State Youth Hunt on March 26 2016.

What a wonderful day, this day is what the club is based on, to give all Youth a chance to take a squirrel dog hunting in the woods and learn the basics of hunting for squirrels with a squirrel dog. All the youth are supervised by adults but the youth handles the dog. All our competition hunts are a no kill. These hunts are scored and based on the dog's ability to locate the squirrel, tree it so the owner will know what tree it is sitting in, then it must be seen by the cast. At the end of the hunt all scores are totaled to determine the high scoring dog, then place them 1-10 as the scores permit. This youth hunt is held in March of each year. It is free to all youth age 17 and under. The club covers all the fees, lunch, snacks, drinks, prizes and plaques. We also have great sponsors to help make this day extra special. List of our sponsors below. Temps started out cool and reached 70's by afternoon for the bench and tree contest. We had a big group of future hunters to attend. A total of 24 youth and double this in adults who were excited to see their your in a competition hunt. Some for the first time and others are annual attendees for this hunt as well as scheduled hunts though out squirrel hunting season. Squirrels were on the move and all but one cast saw squirrels. We want to say Thank You to each of you who bought your youth, who offered a dog for a child who did presently have one to hunt, who led casts, who took the time to help in every area that you saw the need, taking trash out, help to keep grounds clean and to each of our sponsors, for the food, prizes, dog leads, drinks and most of all your time. All of this made it a super great day that all youth who attended will ever forget and have those memories to remain in their heart.

A list of our Sponsors:

The Hyland Company/ Rob Burke = The Pride Dog Food

Lowe's Sporting Store / London Ky

Landon Hinkle/ Corbin Ky

Gary Nantz/ London Ky

Flower's Bakery / London Ky

Jeremy & Kayla Barker, Paint Lick Ky.

Jimmy Wells

Earl and Judy Reynolds

Kentucky Outdoors / Corbin Ky

Keith Bowling

Mid Western Pet and Burkmann Feed

Hunt Results

1st. Malcom's Hi Tech Blackie/ Owner Malcom Slone/ Handler Gavin

2nd. Spurlock's Bonnie/ Owner Pearl Spurlock/ Handler Brandon Napier

3rd. Little Bit /Owner Micheal Fitch/Handler Alex Fitch

4th. Shot Gun Minnie/Owner/Handler Max Hombirg

5th. Reynolds Jo Jo/Owner Earl Reynolds/Handler Evan Reynolds

6th. Curly's Country Banjo/Owner Brenda Slone/Handler Nate Wagers

7th. Bowling's Taff/Owner Keith Bowling/Handle Branson Bowling

8th. Cedar Wood Cloud Jr. /Owner Chad Wagoner/Handler Gunner Wagoner

9th 20/20 Rocket/Owner Neil Viles/Handler Zach Williams

10th. Treeing Trixie / Owner Rusty Murphy/Handler Brandon Ellis

Bench Show

Best Male Cur Pup = Hebron Ridge Penny Hawkeye/Owner Jeremy Barker/Handler Molly Barker

​Best Female Cup Pup = Barker's Blue Moon/ Owner Jeremy Barker/Handler Molly Barker

Best JR. Male Cur= Hummer 20 20 /Owner Greg Hubbard/Handler Ethan Hubbard

Best Male Cur= Pine Mtn. Pyro Owner Derek Neal/ Handler Gunner Wagoner

Best Female of Show= Perfect Storm Owner Shawn Sowders/ Handler Logan Sowders

Best Senior Male Feist = East Fork Ruger Owner Chris Croucher/Handler Chris Croucher Jr.

Best Male of Show/Best Overall = Reynolds Trump Owner Earl Reynolds/ Handler Evan Reynolds

Best Champion of Show= Reynolds Jo Jo Owner Earl Reynolds/Handler Isabella Bray

Tree Contest

1st. Perfect Storm Owner Shawn Sowders

2nd. Big Creek Cuz & Josh Perkins

3rd. Shot Gun Minnie and Brian Hombrigs

4th. Spurlock's Smoke  Owner Pearl Spurlock

5th. Babe Owner Ralph Jones