8th. Place in Hunt

Smith's Kate Queen of Mountain Feist Days Hunt 2016 & MFA Queen of Hunt  2015 Feist Days

The 1st. Queen for both of these hunts.


Owner Jeff Smith

​Handler Craig Hacker

3rd. Wells' Hickory Nut Hank Owner Jimmy Wells

Smith's Kate MFA Queen of Hunt 1st. Mountian Feist Days. Kate was MFA Queen of 1st. Feist Days 2015

Congratulations to Kate and Smith Family

6th. Sugar Branch Red Rock

​Owner Shane Dillion

9th. Raven 

​Owner Mike Kelly

4th. Hi Power Rowdy 

Owner Scott LeFevers

​Handler Rusty Murphy.

1st. Peeples Crackers

Owner Keith Peeples

Crackers was King of MFA

7th. Suped Up Super Trooper

Owner Marty Kelly

10th. Max

​Owner Sam Morris

Reynolds Squirrel Dog

The Finest Things of Life Are Free

2nd. Cedar Wood Cloud JR. and Owner/Handler Chad Wagoner

First Mountain Feist Days was held at South Eastern Ky Cur & Feist on Dec. 03 2016. This day was made possible by the support of UKC, Mountain Feist Association and South Eastern Ky Cur and Feist.

It was a success with people arriving on Friday from several different states for dog registration, pre-enter their dog for the hunt and bench show on Saturday.

I did not get to attend all of this hunt but did get a few pictures that I have placed below. Bench Show Pictures then evening hunt return pictues.


5th. Reynolds' Trump & Owner/Handler Earl Reynolds

3rd. Hickory Nut Hank & Owner/Handler Jimmy Wells

5th. Reynolds' Trump

Owner Earl Reynolds

1st. Peeples' Cracker and Owner Keith Peebles

​4th. Hi Power Rowdy  Owner Scott LeFevers Handler Rusty Murphy

8th. Smith's Kate  2016 MFA Queen Of  MTN  Feist Days Hunt & 2015 Feist Days MFA Oueen Of Hunt

Owner Jeff Smith

Handler Craig Hacker

2nd. Cedar Wood Cloud Jr.

​Owner Chad Wagoner