South Eastern Ky Cur and Feist hosted and sponsored a NKC Squirrel Hunt on Feb. 03 2018. We had a total of 15 entries on this very cold, snowy and windy day. We have dedicated hunters and lots of good dogs that represent South Eastern Ky. Cur and Feist. Several visitors stopped in to chat and catch up on the results as the day started out too cold and snowy for many hunters to take their dogs to the woods. As always we want to say Thank You for each hunter that supported the hunt and always glad to have visitors. Exciting news for all of you to share is on Feb. 17th. 2018 we are hosting The UKC KENTUCKY STATE HUNT. This UKC Hunt will consist of two groups of dogs to be hunted seperately. Curs hunting together and the Feist hunting together. This is going to be a great hunt. Come and enjoy the day with your family and other hunters. We are family oriented and have the facilities necessary to make your day comfortable. We are only 5 mile from the interstate with plenty of fast food, sit down restuarants, shopping and motels if you would like to make this a family weekend getaway. We are looking forward to seeing you. 

Mill's Red Bird and Owner J.R. Mills

Timber Creek Mandy and Owner James Ferguson

East Fork Ruger and Owner Chris Croucher

Pine Mountian Pyro and Owner/Handler Derek

Pyro and Derek braved the deep snow and cold tempertures in January and took First Place in the January Hunt.

Bowling's Bam and Owner Keith Bowling

Hunt Results for Feb. 03 2018

AM. Hunt

1st. Place = Mill's Red Bird and Owner/Handler J.R. Mills

2nd. Place = Sabine River Patches and Owner John Lanford/Handler Les Hart

3rd. Place = Pine Mtn. Pyro and Owner/Handler Derek Neal

Champion Winner = East Fork Ruger and Owner/Handler Chris Croucher

Grand Champion Winner = Jake's Roxie and Owner Jacob Bowling/Handler Branson Bowling

PM Hunt Results

1st. Place = Timber Creek Punpkin and Owner/Handler James Ferguson

2nd. Place = Timber Creek Mandy and Owner James Ferguson/Handler Troy Bowles

Champion Win = East Fork Ruger and Owner/Handler Chris Croucher

Bench Show Results

Best Female of Show = Timber Creek Mandy and Owner/Handler James Ferguson

Best Champion of Show = Bowling's Bam and Owner/Handler Keith Bowling

Reynolds Squirrel Dog

The Finest Things of Life Are Free

Timber Creek Punpkin and Owner James Ferguson