Reynolds Squirrel Dog

The Finest Things of Life Are Free

3rd. Reynolds' Rondo

Owner/Handler Earl Reynolds

4th. Red Ruby & Owner/Handler Kendell Gabbard

Reynolds' Rondo & Owner Earl Reynolds

NKC Super Grand Squirrel Champion

NKC Tree Champion

NKC Bench Champion

​NKC 2012 Dog of Year

Peaches & Cream

Best Female of Show

Owner/Handler Frank Abney

Mike Johnson lending a helping hand.

6th. Foggy Mountain Girl & Owner Handler David Smith

​8th. Terrell's Treeing Grace

Owned By Luke Terrell

Handler John Robert Williamson

1st. Cool Whip & Owner/Handler Eddie O'Dell

5th. Black Betty & Owner/Handler Jennings Lunsford

1st. Place on Tree

​Neal's Crazy Daisy

Owner Derek Neal 

​Jeremy Barker aslo pictured

7th. Hummer 20 20 Razor​

Best Cur Male on Bench

Owner/Handler Joseph Sutton

2nd. Sabine River Bingo

Owned By John Laugford 

​Handled By Les Hart

Best Overall Bench Show

Curly's Country Banjo

Owners Darren & Brenda Slone

Handler Brenda Slone

Best Female Feist on Bench

​J&M Atomic Dawn

Owners Mike Johnson & Scott May

NKC KY STATE HUNT 11 28 2015


Bench Show Judge JR Mills

9th. Black Majic Checkers

Champion on Bench

2nd. Tree Contest

Owner/Handler Jonathan Sutton