10th. Blevins Lil Sadie and Owner Dillion Blevins

Sadie won Best of Age on Bench & 3rd. On Tree

Tree Contest

1st. Jude's Sally and Handler Shelia Jude

2nd. Mill's Red Bird and Owner JR Mills

3rd. Blevins Lil Sadie and Owner Dillion Blevins

4th. Jude's Twinkie and Owner Johnny Jude

5th. Tree Knocking Trixie and Owner Mike Blevins

                                Reynolds' Trump

NKC Super Grand Squirrel Champion - NKC Bench Champion

UKC Squirrel Champion - UKC Bench Champion

1st. Place on Tree & Best Female of Show

Jude's Sally and Owner Johnny Jude 

Handler Shelia Jude  Congratulations!

4th. Hi Powered Rowdy and Owner Scott Lefevers Handler Tyler Schell

Jude's Sally and Owner's Johnny and Shelia

4th. on Tree Jude's Twikie and Owner Johnny Jude

Also Pictured is James Maynard

2nd. Cedarwood Cloud Jr. and Owner Chad Wagoner

East Fork Ruger and Jay Croucher

1st Place = Reynolds' Trump and Owner Earl Reynolds

7th. Jakes Roxie and Owner Jacob Bowling Handler Keith Bowling

8th. Wells Ranger  and Owner Jimmy Wells Handler Elijah Thomas

5th. Malcom's  Hi Tech Sophie and Owner Malcom Slone

Best GR. CH. On Bench & Best Overall in Show

Johnson's Lil Sadie Mae and Owner Mike Johnson

Lending a helping hand Keith Bowling

Best Champion On Bench = East Fork Ruger

Handled By Jay Croucher - Owner Chris Croucher

Congratulations Jay Croucher!

6th. Jude's Redman and Owner Johnny Jude with Shelia

9th. Burlap's Red Ruby and Owner Kendall Gabbard(not pictured)

Best Male of Show =Bo's Step Stone Ky Smoke

Owner Chester Willowboughby

South Eastern Ky Cur & Feist sponsored and hosted the NKC Ky State Hunt on November 25 2017. What a wonderful day it was for hunting, visiting and hanging out with family and friends. The atomsphere was warm, welcoming and inviting to our regular hunters, visitors and to our many first time attendees. Two of the new attendees speak out loudly to all who were attending on this day. They are Jay Croucher and Shelia Jude. Jay's first time participating in the bench show and won Best Champion of Show with East Fork Ruger owned by Chris Croucher. Jay did a excellent job handling Ruger and Congratulations goes out to Jay and Shelia Jude. Shelia is a first time attender and first time participating in any events. Shelia and Jude's Sally won 1st. place on Tree and Best Female of Show. Shelia and Jay both will be returning. 

The winner of this NKC Ky State Hunt is Reynolds' Trump and Owner Earl Reynolds. Earl and Reynolds' Trump have spent some days together in the woods truly enjoying the company of one another. This young dog has made many accomplishments while still at a tender age of 2 years. Trump has been victorious in Ohio, West Virginia, Indiania and Kentucky.  He has earned the title of NKC Super Grand Squirrel Champion, NKC Bench Champion, UKC Squirrel Champion and UKC Bench Champion. This hunt was one of his best with a score of 550+ in AM and 850+ in the return PM Hunt. 


Best of  Breed and 5th. on Tree 

Tree Knocking Trixie and Owner Mike Blevins Handler Garrett Nantz

Reynolds Squirrel Dog

The Finest Things of Life Are Free

3rd. Dancin Ann and Owner David Smith Handler Tony Jackson