Reynolds Squirrel Dog

The Finest Things of Life Are Free

Best Male Cur Stever's Tack and John Stever

Youth Showing Their Dogs

​Remember to take a Youth Hunting

Best Female of Show 

Reynolds Jo Jo and Bella Bray

​Best Female Cur Hubbard's Little Penny & Ethan Hubbard

Evan Reynolds and June Bug

Jeff Smith and Isabella watching Tree Contest

Youth Sitting up their Dogs

NKC Ky State Youth Squirrel Hunt

March 29 2014

​This hunt was held at South Eastern Ky Cur and Feist . Just as the winter had hit us long and hard so did the rain on this hunt day. It started out a fair day and very hard rain started before the cast could leave the building. It was as hard of rain that I can remember on a hunt day. It was a down pour and some of the casts decided to quit early as the winds were picking up with falling temperatures. The youth had a good experience with mother nature on this day and returned with lunch, snacks, drinks, prizes and awards waiting on them. 

It was a great day as each child enjoyed it and telling about their time spent in the rain. We had some youth that traveled from other states to join us and said they would return for the next youth hunt, so fun it was. Great turnout with the prediction of rain turning to snow and that prediction did keep some of the youth from attending. 

A special Thank You to all of our sponsors. 

Burkman's Feed, London Ky.

Sportsmix Dog Food

The Pride Dog Food and Rob Burke

NKC donation of Training Collar

Dr. David Hays of Annville Ky

Eddie O'Dell and Family

Jimmy Wells, Annville Ky

Keith Bowling, Annville Ky

Kentucky Outdoors Corbin Ky

Lowes Sporting Goods  London Ky

Eagle Bluff Kennels & Roy Smith Tn.

Mid South Premium Pet Food LLC. and Terry Tapley

Ott Sizemore and Les Hart  Corbin Ky

Garmin Inc.

Little Caesars Corbin Ky

​Best Champion of Show  Jakes Bo Bo and Brevin Bowling

​Sawyer Reynolds enjoying his day!

Best of Age  Sandy Ridge Lady and Nellie Ellis

Youth With Garmin Tee Shirts

High Scoring Youth Male with Dog

Brevin Bowling 

Trophies Provided By Eddie O'Dell & Wife

​A Few Of Our Youth Attending

Elijah Thomas checking the water depth

Evan Reynolds and Reynolds June Bug

​Earl Reynolds

Reynolds' June Bug and Evan Reynolds

 Victor's Dog Food

​Tree Contest with June Bug and Isabella

High Scoring Female with Dog

Chloe Thomas


Eddie O'Dell and Wife 

Isabella Bray and Ethan Hubbard

High Scoring Female with Dog

​Chloe Thomas and The Pride Dog Food

Tack belonging to John Stevers on Tree