Reynolds Squirrel Dog

The Finest Things of Life Are Free

9th. Place in Hunt

Well's Ranger and Handler Elijah Thomas

Owner Jimmy Wells

10th. Place in Hunt

Blevin's Little Sadie and Handler Garrett Nantz

Owner Dillion Blevins

6th. Place in Hunt

Stacy's Elly May and Handler Alexanda Stacy

Owner Steve Stacy

8th. Place in Hunt

Hopkins Jack and Handler William Brown

Owner William Brown

7th. Place in Hunt

Hubbard's Izzy and Handler Ethan Hubbard

Owner Greg Hubbard

1st. Place in Hunt

Reynolds' Trump and Handler Evan Reynolds

Owner Earl Reynolds

5th. Place in Hunt

Bowling's Buttons and Handler Jackson Lake

Owner Keith Bowling

Jackson Lakes Accepting 5th. Place Plaque

Youth of NKC Ky. State Youth Hunt



MARCH 04TH 2017

This is the goal of our club each year, to be equipped financially to provide a yearly youth hunt for all youth 17 years and under, along with a meal, drinks, snacks, trophies, prizes and enjoying the outdoors squirrel hunting with a dog . President Earl Reynolds, V. P. Keith Bowling, B.O.D.'s and all members wants to say Thank You to each one of you that supported the club though out the fall 2016 and spring 2017 hunting season. Each one of you made this day possible! We had a wonderful group of youth, some who traveled from another state, others who traveled several hours from other counties here in Ky. and along with our local youth to participate in this hunt. It was a wonderful day with memories imprinted on the hearts of these youth that will last a life time. We have gained some squirrel hunters both young and old that attended one of the youth hunts that we have held over the years. The youth and beginners are the future of all things to be continued in the future. Remember to always take a youth hunting, teaching them the safety of the outdoors and hunting. We have below hunt, bench and tree results. Along with a lists of our sponsors and pictures of the youth attending on this day. We want to say "Thank You" to all who attended, bought a youth to participate, our sponsors, all the hunters with their support and each of you who gave your time to work this hunt.

4th. Place in Hunt

Cedar Wood Barbie Doll 

Handler Gunner Wagoner/Owner Chad Wagoner

3rd. Place in Hunt

Bennett's Buck Creek Bo and Owner Handler

Ethan Bennett

2nd. Place in Hunt

Mill's Red Bird 

Handler Rondall Mills Owner J.R. Mills

Click on tab that reads Reynolds Youth Bench and Tree 3 4 17 for more results, sponsors and candids.