Reynolds Squirrel Dog

The Finest Things of Life Are Free

Cedar Wood Cloud Jr and Chad Wagoner

MFA King of Hunt Feist Days 2015

Presenting Plaque is President Allen Rosenbarger supported by the B.O.D's.

UKC Representative Corey Gruver

John Hospkins and Earl Reynols

Cast Guides

Getting Ready for Morning Cast

Smith's Kate

4th. Place in Hunt

MFA Queen of Hunt Feist Days 2015

MFA Queen of Hunt Mountain Feist Days 2016

Owned & Handled By Jeff Smith - Roy Smith (pictured)

Congratulations to the Smith Family

Reynolds' June Bug and Earl Reynolds

Peeples Crackers & Keith Peeples

UKC First Annual Feist Days

Oct 24 2015

South Eastern Ky Cur & Feist along with the Mountain Feist Association hosted and sponsored the first annual Feist Days. 

Wow, what a awesome two days, great people, awesome dogs, great food on grounds and any dog supplies that you needed for hunt or at home. We had a total of 46 dogs to compete in hunt and 23 dogs to participate in bench show. Some of the dogs in bench came for bench show only, others bought their dog to register it UKC and be ready for future UKC events. No correct count for the amount of dogs that were actually on the grounds for this two day event. Feist Days was the largest squirrel hunt in UKC history with history been made in two ways. Largest squirrel hunt in UKC history, First Annual Feist Days with Feist Days becoming a annual UKC event at South Eastern Ky Cur & Feist. So keep your calenders marked for 3rd week end of Oct. as you want to continue to be a part of  this event that is growing in members and dogs.

South Eastern Ky Cur & Feist wants to say Thank You to these gentlemen who came out to support Feist Days, leading a cast or judging and in some casts both. These people made it a huge success! JR. Mills - Rondall Mills - Ralph Jones - Aaron Hurley - Rusty Murphy - Terry Benge - Tim Minard - Little John - and to each of our own members who gave so much of your time to support this hunt. This hunt would not have been a success without each of you attending. You all made this happen! Thank You to Squirrel Hunters Unleashed, Rayburn May and members, to Mountian Feist Association, President Allen Rosenbarger, B.O.D's and members, Corey Gruver, Marty Payne who led the way for UKC paperwork and registering dogs, Bubba's Barbecue for the Awesome food, B&K Hunting Supplies & Kevin Rainwater donation of Dog Box and other items, Doug Zimmerman dog supplies, The Pride Dog Food and Rob Burke our official dog food sponsor, Garmin donated training system and MFA sponsored MFA Plaques. 

If you own feist dogs and they meet the breed standards listed on UKC website, we encourage you to get your dog registered Mountain Feist as the Feist Days was bought to be a event by recognition of the Mountain Feist Breed by UKC. This is to preserve the Mountain Feist Breed as we know them today for our future generations. Thanks to Everyone for your support.

                                          Remember to take a Youth hunting.

Our Official Dog Food Sponsor

The Pride Dog Food & Rob Burke

Pictured are some of the recipients.

Rob Burke (left) with Rayburn May (right)

Thanks to The Pride Dog Food and Rob Burke

Iceman and Trevor Mosier

J's Big Oak and Jonathan Sobzcak

Hannah's Poncho and Darrell Messer

Bowling's Taff and Keith Bowling

Burden's Nellie and Harry Burden

Marvin Hollon and Dixie

Justin Hamby and Shadow

Cast Leader Terry Benge

Thank You Terry.

Thank You Garmin 

Mighty Mickey & Greg Fisher

Mike Johnson and Lil Sadie Mae

Smith's Kate

4th. Place

2015 & 2016 MFA Queen In Hunt

Owned by Jeff Smith 

Roy Smith (pictured)

Dave and Rebecca Sullivan with Little Bo Peep

JR Mills - Cast Guide

Cedar Wood Cloud Jr. & Chad Wagoner

MFA King of Hunt Feist Days 2015