Mill's Steaking Redbird and Owners JR and Regina Mills

Cody Slusher and Slusher's Jack

Earl Reynolds and Reynolds' Jo Jo

Derek Neal and Pine Mtn. Pyro with JR Mills

Well's Hickory Nut Hank and Elijah Thomas Owner Jimmy Wells

Grandfather & Grandson Duo Elijah Thomas and Jimmy Well 

The Pride Dog Food in Background donated by Rob Burke

South Eastern Ky. Cur & Feist hosted and sponsored the UKC Ky. State Hunt on Feb. 17th. 2018. It was a cold day with a lot of heavy cold rain falling and temps dropping thoughout the day as well. We had a Awesome turnout for such a nasty day! We always have some of the most dedicated hunters (some travel long distance) to join us and bringing along some of the best squirrel hunting dogs that anyone could ever want to own. Some of you kept your dog in the box due the nasty weather and the bad travel though the woods. We understand, as it was a rough hunting day. We want to say Thank You to each of you that attended. Thank You to our visitors that stopped in as we had a large crowd for the day. We always like for you to visit us if you are thinking of competition squirrel hunting or just interested in the event, we have a great group of squirrel hunters that will discuss the squirrel dog hunting sport with you and give you information that can be beneficial to your decision making in this sport and the type of dog that you would want to own that meets your type of squirrel hunting. A big Thank You to Rob Burke and The Pride Dog Food Company for the donation of dog food. Rob and Pride Dog Food is our biggest sponsor and always supports the hunters. We have a list of some of the hunters that placed and continued on to the PM hunt. We have some pictures and not all the hunters got their picture taken. Some of you sent some pictures to us later and we appreciate you for doing so. We have enjoyed a great hunting season in the fall of 2017 and spring 2018 but it is coming to a close. We look forward to kicking our hunting season off in the fall of 2018 with each and everyone of you again. You are always Welcome at South Eastern Ky Cur and Feist. 

Mike Kelly and Kelly's Super Up Thundering Thor

Reynolds Squirrel Dog

The Finest Things of Life Are Free

Feist Hunt

1st. Place = Jude's Redman and Owner Johnny Jude

2nd. Place = Reynolds' Trump and Owner Earl Reynolds

3rd. Place = Kelly's Suped Up Super Sport and Handler Trevor Henderson/Owner Mike Kelly

4th. Place = Well's Hickory Nut Hank and Owner Jimmy Wells

5th. Place = Malcom's Hi Tech Sophie and Owner Malcom Slone

6th. Place = Kelly's Suped Up Super Starr and Owner Mike Kelly

7th, Place = Jude's Twinkie and Handler Oliver Maynard/Owner Johnny Jude

Cur Hunt

1st Place = Burlap's Red Poncho and Owner Jonathan Gabbard

2nd. Place = Pine Mtn. Pyro and Owner Derek Neal

3rd. Place = Blevins Lil Sadie and Owner Dillion Blevins

4th. Place = Burlap's Red Ruby and Owner Kendall Gabbard

5th. Place = Slusher's Jack and Owner Cody Slusher

6th. Place = Mill's Steaking Redbird and Owner JR Mills

Bench Show (Feist)

Best Male Puppy = Kelly's Suped Up Thundering Thor and Owner Mike Kelly

Best of Show Male = Well's Hickory Nut Hank and Handler Elijah Thomas/ Owner Jimmy Wells

Best of Show Female = Reynolds' Jo Jo and Owner Earl Reynolds 

Best Champion = Reynolds' Trump and Owner Earl Reynolds

Best Overall in Show = Reynolds' Trump and Owner Earl Reynolds

Kelly's Suped Up Super Sport and Handler Trevor Henderson Owner Mike Kelly

Malcom Slone and Malcom's Hi Tech Sophie

Earl Reynolds and Reynolds' Trump

Johnny Jude and Jude's Redman

Jonathan Gabbard and Burlap's Red Poncho