Reynolds Squirrel Dog

The Finest Things of Life Are Free

Slone's Little Bit

AM. Hunt Results

​1st. Place Malcom's Hi Tech Little Bit & Malcom Slone

2nd. Place B&H MNT. Sassy Sister & Danny William

3.rd. Place Wells' Lillie & Jimmy Wells

Champion = Cedar Wood Cloud JR. & Chad Wagoner

PM Hunt Results

1st. = B&H Mtn. Sassy Sister & Danny Williams

2nd. = Malcom's Hi Tech Little Bit & Malcom Slone

3rd. = Wells Lillie & Jimmy Wells

Champion = Julie's Baby Doll & Julie Hill

Grand Champion = Cedar Wood Cloud Jr. & Chad Wagoner

Bench Show Result

Best Male of Show = Curly's Country Banjo & Brenda Slone

Best Female of Show = Bowling's BJ & Keith Bowling

NKC South Eastern Ky Cur & Feist

Jan. 09th. 2016

      Curly's Country Banjo with Brenda & Darren

Julie's Baby Doll and Julie Hill

Cedar Wood Cloud Jr and Chad

​Rusty Murphy having fun with Ruger

Bowlings' BJ and Keith Bowling

Landon Hinkle = Master of Hounds 

East Fork Ruger and Chris Croucher